“The training that Mike offers is second to none.  He definitely has a plan, sticks to it and makes you feel incredible after a workout.  He has truly helped me reach my fitness goals which go beyond anything I could’ve have hoped for.”

George’s Stats
Lost 17.95 lbs
Lost 8.75 body inches
Lost 7.64% body fat
All in 11 weeks!

George Dennison

Colangelo Fitness Client

“What a great place to workout.  Mike does a phenomenal job.”

Dave’s Stats
Lost 13 lbs
Lost 9.25 body inches
Lost 7.93% body fat
All in 11 weeks!


Colangelo Fitness Client

“I can’t believe how much I enjoyed working with Mike.  The workouts were tough, but completely worth it.  The results prove it!”

Jebb’s Stats
Lost 15 lbs
Lost 11.25 body inches
Lost 6.93% body fat
All in 11 weeks!

Dottie Goff

Colangelo Fitness Client

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"The workouts were amazing.  I ended up losing about 10 lbs and 7.25 body inches.  The incredible part is it only took 33 days!"

- Aira Matonick

"Losing weight and getting fit and healthy are challenges I have struggled with for years. I tried joining big gyms, going on diets, and working out at home, but I'd hit a wall every time. Then I met Mike Colangelo. Mike's approach to health and fitness not only includes cardio and weight lifting, but it also focuses on nutrition and healthy habits, which are just as important as the physical components."
- Caitlyn L.

Mike is an amazing trainer!  He helped me drop several pounds and inches within weeks and has supported me every step of the way.  I lost a total of 77lbs of fat and 39 body inches in just 16 weeks on ABC's TV's Revolution weight loss reality show.  I followed Mike's progressive circuit training guidelines to reach all of my goal's.  I ended up being the show's top performer.

Ebony Marrinie

"I have been working with Mike for 9 months now. When I met him I was a couch potato looking for a major life change. Mike works with me to design weight training workouts that incorporate all muscle groups. He challenges me weekly to train with heavy weights and I am amazed at how strong I feel and look. I love seeing the small changes in muscle definition that appear and feel much stronger and healthier over all."

Lindsay T.

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