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Monthly Plans

Mike offers a variety of plans and packages to meet everyone’s needs.  A major component of every plan is the trainerize app which is included in the price.  Contact Mike for more details on how he can help you reach your goals…

Expert Training

Mike has been training top level athletes for over twenty years.  He is an expert in his field and is highly qualified. Check out the testimonials on that page to see how much his clients love to work him.


With any fitness plan, scheduling is a major factor.  Mike is available from early morning to late evenings.  He can create a schedule to meet the needs of busy working people.


Yes, the gym is available to my clients.

Personal fitness training is available by appointment only.  I am more than willing to work with your schedule to create an ideal plan for you.

Yes, I offer many small group packages. Contact me to set up a plan.

You can cancel of session up to 12 hours prior to your workout via text.  Contact me at 856.906.3321.

Simply fill out the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.  Click here for the form.

Fitness Plans

Mike offers a variety of plans and packages to meet all of your needs.  Schedule a meeting with Mike to discuss how he can help you reach your fitness goals.  There are many options available as well as wide array of times.  All sessions are held at the Riverton Health and Fitness Club.  The health club also has membership plans available for all of Mike's clients.  Are ready to make a life change?  Mike is thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life.  He takes great pride in helping you achieve your goals.  Fill out the form below and Mike will contact you.

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