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Colangelo Fitness Boot Camp

     Every New Year we all make New Year’s Resolutions. The most common resolution is, you guessed it! WEIGHT LOSS! Yes, I am going to lose weight this year and this time I AM going to DO IT!  We have all heard this before from our family, friends or even ourselves.  Every year we start off with good intentions only to fall back into old habits and end up NOT losing weight.

     Wouldn’t it be great if there was a support system to make SURE that you don’t fall back into those old habits? Or make excuses and fail to lose weight only to make those same promises to yourself next year?  

      Well I have great news for you. I am creating an all inclusive exercise, nutrition and weight management service in 2018.  

     With this new service there will be a comprehensive approach to all three aspects of health and weight loss.  It will be all located one place. Each client will receive a customized meal plan, monthly weighing and measuring and three group training sessions per week as part of the program. In addition, you will be motivated and supported by the other people in the group training program. There will also be incentives for success built into this program. For example, the client of the month will receive half off their next month’s training bill. We are also going to have a referral incentive reward. For each person that you refer and signs up for our EFT program, you will receive a free month of training. Hopefully this will make weight loss fun, affective and affordable. We all know that Personal Training can be expensive.  Normally the cost of this package with my one on one clients would exceed $300.00 per month.

 Group Pricing and Special

In a group setting I can make training much more affordable and just as affective. The normal cost of the group training program is

Regular Pricing
$79.00 per month for gym members
$99.00 per month to non gym members. 

I am however running a pre-sale special price open to the first 20 people who sign up .​

Pre-Sale Pricing
Just $39 a month

That’s 12 training sessions, a customized meal plan and regular weighing and measuring each month! Those who take advantage of this pre sale can lock in their rate for as long as they remain current. Once I reach the 20 person limit the  $39.99 price will disappear.  SIGN UP TODAY. Sessions will fill up quickly.   

     Check out the latest results of the new group training model I created called The 21 Day Fat Flush Program. The results surprised even me . 

Megan lost 9 lbs, 11 body inches including 4 1/2 inches from her waistline. 

Cheryl lost 13 pounds, 8 3/4 body inches including 3 inches from her hips

    I would love to see you get these kinds of results.  That’s why I am offering all Riverton Health and Fitness Center members a FREE week trial to my Bootcamp until the end of February. Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday’s mornings at 6:00 am and Saturday’s at 9:00 am. 

Try the class that got results for Megan and Cheryl for FREE!  To reserve your spot please click the link to the right.  RESERVE A SPOT


Thank You,
Mike Colangelo
Colangelo Fitness​

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